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Book Review : Teenage Love Spell : A Teenage Love Spell by Gabrielle dela Cruz

Teenage Love Spell: A Halloween Romance - Gabrielle Dela Cruz, Theg Ardener, Sho Anabeza

The lovely Gabrielle dela Cruz commented on one of my Instagram posts informing that debut novella is free on Kindle. So, i grabbed the opportunity to download it.


It’s a story of a teenage witch named Caitlyn who has been bullied because of her hair color. She don’t have any closed friends until she met Yuri. Caitlyn’s huge crush on their class’ hearththrob Angelo, brought her to her mom’s “Book of Spell”.


I read this book last Friday for like less than two hours. It is a very easy read. For me this book is not just only for Halloween even it has something to do with witches and spells.

The target audience of this book are teenagers and I’m glad that the author included the issue about bullying. I’ve read from one of her interview that she was once a victim of bullying and she wrote this book as an inspiration to others.

It’s loosely based in my life because I too, was bullied in school. I’m a transgender woman who was studying in a Catholic school exclusive for boys, a kid bullied me but what’s worse was the teachers and Principal, were the ones who made my life a living hell. My dad even almost got to the point of suing the authorities because of how they treated me for being different. (source)

I cannot say that I don’t like the story because I enjoyed reading it and it is totally not a waste of time. The story is cute and eventhough the ending is obvious, it is still unexpected.


I can say that the author did a great job (Pinay Pride!) on her debut and I’m looking forward to read more of her future works.

Source: http://kathquiambao.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/book-review-teenage-love-spell-a-halloween-romance-by-gabrielle-dela-cruz/#more-1558